Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival

Date & Address

Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 1:00pm
Hearst Plaza at Lincoln Center
40 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023
(Sounds of Korea performance will start at 2:00pm)

Free General Addmision

Sounds of Korea, based at New York’s Korean Performing Arts Center, will have a special concert at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival for Heritage Sunday on August 4, 2013.

Event features Korean traditional dance master Sue Yeon Park with ‘Sounds of Korea’ Performance Group and two guest artists, Chung-Eun Han and KyoungTai Kim.

This event will celebrate the exquisite traditional performing arts of Korea, from delicate court music to graceful ritual dances to rousing processional music. Two other performance groups will join this concert with Sounds of Korea. Internationally renowned Ensemble Sinawi, coming directly from South Korea, will perform shamanistic improvisations and the New York Korean Traditional Marching Band will perform a military band ensemble specializing in daechwita (“great blowing and hitting”).

Sounds of Korea is the premier performance group of Korean traditional arts in the U.S., directed by master dancer and percussionist Sue Yeon Park, an NEA National Heritage Fellow. Sounds of Korea will show exquisitely costumed dancers, musicians, and singers performing a range of the most representative traditional Korean dance such as buchachum (fan dance), the popular vocal art of gayageum byungchang, and the dynamic, vibrant, and colorful drum beatings of samgomu drums ensemble. In addition, Sounds of Korea has invited Chung Eun Han, one of the most influential woodwind players today who is currently a principle member of the KBS Traditional Orchestra in Korea. They also invited KyoungTai Kim, upcoming Korean traditional musician and considered an expert in the piri wind instrument.

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Contact Information:
Korean Performing Arts Center (12 East 33rd St., 5th Fl., New York, NY 10016)
Phone: 212.921.9344

Featured Artists

Sue Yeon Park (Artist Director & Dance Master)

Sue-Park1Sue Yeon Park is the founding Artistic Director of the Korean Performing Arts Center (KPAC) and Artistic Director of Sounds Korea, the United States’ leading Korean traditional performing arts ensemble. In 2008, Ms. Park was named a National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts, the only Korean-American artist to have ever received this lifetime honor. Ms. Park is also recognized by the Korean Government as a yisuja, a top-level master of salpuri (shaman ritual dance) and seungmu (Buddhist monk’s dance), which she studied under Master Yi Mae Bang. Ms. Park has produced major concerts at Lincoln Center, Symphony Space and Merkin Hall, and has led Sounds of Korea’s performances for the Smithsonian Institution, the International Festival Chihuahua, Mexico and the Montana Folk Festival. She runs programs for Camp Friendship, an organization serving Korean-born children adopted by Americans, and leads Rutgers University’s Student Korean Percussion Ensemble. She has been honored with the New York Governor’s Award of Excellence, Best Artist of the Year Award from the Foundation for Korean Arts and Culture in Korea, and the Award of Recognition and Appreciation from the Asian American Cultural Center at Rutgers University.

Sounds of Korea Performance Group


Sounds of Korea is KPAC’s own performance group, which consists of a dance troupe, an instrumental chamber ensemble and a percussion ensemble. The performance group spans a wide range of styles and settings, from classical court music and theatrical masked dance, to popular story-telling songs, drama and folk percussion and dance. Under the direction of artistic director, Sue Yeon Park, who was a National Heritage Fellow in 2008, the organization has performed nearly all of these forms at major concert venues, and has introduced Korean music and dance to a wide array of audiences. Its members consist of professionals and individuals from the Korean community who are dedicated to promoting intercultural understanding and appreciation of Korea’s artistic heritage and history.

Guest Artists

Chung-Eun Han (daegeum player)

daeguemManChung Eun Han, one of the most influential woodwind players today, has been a focus of the artistic scenes of Korean traditional music and its modern manifestations in Korea. Besides his traditional training and performances, Mr. Han has frequently appeared in television and radio broadcasts as a leading member in a variety of chamber ensembles, as well as a soloist of the daegeum (transverse bamboo flute), sogeum (small flute), and danso (vertical bamboo flute), and has collaborated with some of the top K-pop artists, such as BoA, Park Jung-Huyn, Lee Eun-Mi, and Jun In-Kwon, among others. Mr. Han’s musical collaboration has expanded globally, including performances with American vocalist and conductor Bobby McFerrin, British Guitarist legend Martin Taylor, Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakenius, and composer and pianist Ryo Kunihiko.  He has also performed a number of large scale concertos for daegeum with some of most prestigious orchestras in Korea, including the KBS Traditional Orchestra, Seoul Metropolitan Orchestra, and the National Orchestra of Korea. Currently, he is a principle member of the KBS Traditional Orchestra, and serves as artistic director of the Gugak Pops Orchestra “Yeomin” as well as the Asia Traditional Music Orchestra.  Mr. Han has received numerous awards and recognitions including the KBS Gugak Competition in 2000. The creative output of Mr. Han can be found amongst his own compositions for daegeum and danso, showcasing his highly acclaimed artistry and the instruments’ unique timbre. Mr. Han has released two albums, Morning and Forest.

KyoungTai Kim (piri player)

Kyungtai-Kim1KyoungTai Kim studied Korean Traditional Music at the Korea National Middle and High School for Korean Traditional Music and earned his Bachelor’s in of music with the piri (Korean traditional wind instrument) at Seoul National University. He taught and directed the orchestra at the Korea National Middle and High School for Korean Traditional Music, and taught computer music at Suwon Women’s college for eight years. He is a member of the 46th important intangible cultural asset of the Piri Jeongak Daechita and the 1st important intangible cultural asset of Jongmyo Jeryeal. He has actively performed in Korea, Italy, China and the States. He is currently pursuing a Master of Music Education at the Eastern Michigan University.